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Poran Jay Joliya Re (2009) Bengali Movie

tapan | 5:59 AM | 0 comments

Produced by:==Shree  Venkatesh Films               
Cast: ========Dev, Subhashree
Music: =======Jeet Ganguly
Lyric:======== Priyo Chattapadhyay/Gautam
Direction:===== Ravi Kinagi

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Poran Jay Joliya Re (2009) Bengali Movie
Poran Jay Joliya Re is the New Bengali Film starring Tollywood Superhero Dev and top actress Subhashree. The couple already paired in Blockbuster Bengali movie “Challenge”.Check out the preview, Trailer, review, photo gallery, Posters from the Bengali Movie.

The movie is also spelled as ” Poran Jay Jaliya Re” and “Poran Jay Jwaliya Re”
Poran Jay Jaliya Re-Movie Poster1
Poran Jay Jaliya Re-Movie Poster1
Note: Shree Venkatesh Film takes care of one thing for sure – total entertainment. You will not waste your money ever watching a Shree Venkatesh Films. They are keeping the Budget in Bengali Films at highest level, releasing Bengali Movies in record numbers of screens and selecting the best talented combinations to produce a Bengali Film.
Listen to Swopno Neel- Bengali MOvie Song from “Poran Jay Joliya Re” Bengali Movie

Poran Jaae Jolia Re Bengali Movie Review by Anirban De (CT Reporter, Kolkata)
Shri Venkatesh’s latest release, ‘Poran Jaae Jolia Redirected by Ravi Kinnagi with Dev and Subhasree in lead  roles is a love-story woven around the age old and proven concept of infusing patriotism in the hearts of those who lack it.
The Storyline of “Poran Jay Joliya Re”
The story starts with an NRI family residing in London for more than 30 years. So quite obviously, their son Sid (Siddhartha) and Anna (Anamika), born in foreign soil are more accustomed to modern British customs and culture which seemed a growing concern for their parents. To top it off, Sidd, following a rude confontration with his parents leaves home. Worried and depressed about their daughter’s upbringing and also to apply reins to her uncontrolled lifestyle, the parents plan to take her on a tour of her homesoil in West Bengal, with a remote hope of finding a suitable groom for their daughter. So, the family minus the son takes off for the village in Bengal where Runu, the father had spent most of his younger days.
There Anna met Raj, the son of her father’s childhood friend and though they started on a tiff but it was clearly apparent that Raj had completely fallen in love with Anna. This was also what Runu looking for and he started pursuing Anna for a hurried engagement. Mad and angry at her parents, Anna called up her brother for a direction. The shrewd Sid advices Anna to agree to the engagement and then to ask Raj to travel with them to London where she will be safe to ditch him. Acting likewise, Anna agrees to the engagement and easily persuades Raj to travel to London. Once there she abruptly called off the wedding sending Raj writhing in anguish and pain. But determination drove Raj to claim his love and infuse patriotism in the mind of Anna. In the process he also effects a happy reconciliation between Sid and his parents. Thus an emotional climax is awaited and a happy ending is guaranteed.

The Music/Songs from “Poran Jay Joliya Re”
The movie, with all the ingredients for a blockbuster, is studded with some fine musicals with ‘Dhaker Taale Taale‘ being the most lively of the lot and promising to be one of the catch tunes for this year’s Durga Puja.
Critic’s comment on performances from the movie “Poran Jay Joliya Re”
Dev is good during the action and dance sequences but as far as acting is concerned Subhasree is proving to evolve more maturedly with her natural performance. Tota Roychowdhury and Biswajit Chakraborty are fascinatingly perfect with an excellent support from Laboni Sarkar but Aritra’s precocity was quite uncalled for that cheapens the mood of the movie.
End Comment on “Poran Jay Joliya Re”
This emotionally drenched movie with some unrealistic moments is however not without vices, the chief being trying to impress the audience the hometown of Anna and Sid to be London though the landscapes are shot further south and in another continent! Also Raj’s popping in from nowhere just in time when Anna needs him most defies logic. It is clearly apparent in the 1st half that Anna hates India and anything Indian but her accent never betrays that she clearly nurtures the Bengali language as her mother tongue. Finally the film, in several occassions, mirrors sequences from ‘Namastey London‘ which disheartens the Bengali cinema lovers for the lack of originality.
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First Review of the Bengali Film: Poran Jay Joliya Re- Review by CT Contributor Kanishka from Kolkata
In short, ”Poran Jai Joliya Re” is nothing but a  copy (sometimes frame to frame) of 2007 Akshay-Katrina movie, ”Namastey London”, but if you are not bothered with originality but looking for an entertaining packagethis one is recommended without doubt. Storyline:
The movie starts with a spoilt NRI girl Anna (Subhashree) whose wild ways ofliving forces her parents to take her to India to find a suitable groom. Here, they come across Raj (Dev). Raj plays pranks on Anna at first,but slowlyfalls in love.Anna’s parents also liked Raj and fixed Anna’s marriagewith him .But,Anna loved Harry,a playboy in Malaysia and when she could not avoid the marriage,she devised a plan. After ring ceremony, Raj should go abroad with her. But, after Raj goes to Malaysia, he realizes That Anna had betrayed him. Thereafter begins Raj’s quest to gain thelove of Anna.
The storyline may be simple-but add to this, Durga Puja celebration, exotic locationsof Malaysia, a salsa dance, emotions running high, an unnecessary yet a trademark fight sequence, and last, but, not the least, football-and any Bengali commercial movie-loving person’s mouth will be watering. There is even a small surprise element at the start. Dev is maturing with every movie, and fitting into this role afteraction-packed “Challenge”needed a sincere effort, which is evident. The subplot, revolving around Anna’s brother would not have been half as interesting without Tota. The comic reliefcomes from the show-stealing one-liners of Aritra Dey Banik.The music and cinematography, like most films of Shree Venkatesh, are exceptional.
But,there are some negatives as well. The film shows Malaysia, yet  tries To claim that Anna lives in England. and portrays most of the foreigncharacters as British (in order to keep in touch with you-know-which-film). A little more fluency in English is expected for someone, brought upabroad. Some of the characters are unnecessary. Subhashree looks good, but does not match it well with acting skills, she failed to bring the meanness demanded of the character. Also, I must say the promotion, though extensive, has been quite revealing, so the movie always stayson predictable course. Still, this is, in my opinion, the most entertaining Bengali commercial movie of 2009, even considering “Challenge”, a family drama, worth a one-time watch.

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